Mike Yates strives to bring integrity and focus to all he does. He credits his success in the mortgage industry to a disciplined daily routine he acquired as Captain of the wrestling team at the University of Illinois. If Mike says he'll do something, you can trust he will, and to the best of his abilities. It is this consistency of performance over thirty-five years in the mortgage industry that has earned him the respect of colleagues, employees and customers alike. 

Mike graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a concentration on Investment and Banking. He channeled his education and leadership training in competitive sport directly into his work.  As owner and President of Best Capital Funding (BCF) since 2008, Mike exceeded competitor expectations who went from rating BCF as a "small mortgage bank in the San Fernando Valley" to the "major lender in the greater Southern California market!" it became under Mike's leadership. 

Today Best Capital Funding is approved in 25 states; is a FNMA / FHLMC Seller Servicer; a HUD and a VA approved Mortgage Lender. Best Capital Funding is rapidly becoming the #1 local lending service for the entire San Fernando Valley, an accomplishment that Mike and his team are deeply proud of!

Mike observes a simple personal and professional philosophy. He's often heard remarking that "life isn't fair, but how you respond to a challenge will create the outcome." Anyone who's been around Mike for a minute won't be surprised to hear he once wrestled an actual  bear while he was in college. It's Mike's 'let's get this done' spirit that has made him a successful businessman and employer. After thirty-five years in the business, Mike still gets up every day to tackle the “Bear” that is the "Mortgage Industry". Mike has always gladly taken on that fight for his colleagues, his employees and most of all, for his clients. Feel free to reach out at any time and he'll be happy to take on that fight for you.